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Issue Game Game included Unpunched Notes Cover
12 Chaco Yes Yes
20 Cortes: Conquest of the Aztec Empire Yes No
24 Czechoslovakia '38 Yes Yes
25 When Eagles Fight (WWI East Front) Yes Yes
26 When Tigers Fight (China/Burma 1944) Yes Yes Duplicate
28 Like Lions They Fought Yes Yes
32 Bunker Hill Yes Yes Duplicate
34 Death and Destruction / Rommel at Gazala Yes Yes Expands issue 27
37 Mukden/The Moscow Option: Guderian's Gambit Yes Yes
39 Strike North: Scandinavia in WW2/Hoorah! The Battle of Pittsburgh Yes Yes
40 The Battle of Buena Vista/Moscow Burning Yes Yes
41 Wave of Terror: The Battle of the Bulge Yes Yes Mini-Monster
42 Hell Before Midnight: The Battle of Shiloh/Blitzkrieg 1940 Yes Yes Duplicate?
47 Napoleon Invades England Yes Yes
48 1812 War in Canada Yes Yes Mini-Monster
54 When Dragons Fight Yes Yes Game Supplement

Games Fix Magazine Goto the top of the page
Issue Game Game included Unpunched Notes Cover
8 GreenLine: Chechnya Yes Yes

Strategy & Tactics Magazine Goto the top of the page
Issue Game Game included Unpunched Notes Cover
50 Battle for Germany No N/A
51 World War 1 No N/A
56 Revolt in the East Yes No
57 Panzergruppe Guderian No N/A
58 Conquistador No N/A
61 October War No N/A
65 Cobra No N/A
69 Tannenberg Yes No
70 The Crusades Yes No
71 The Battle for Cassino Yes No
72 Armada Yes Yes
73 Panzer Battles Yes Yes
74 Ney vs. Wellington Yes Yes
75 Napoleon's Art of War, Eylau/Dresden Yes No One game punched
76 The China War Yes Yes
77 Paratroop (Eben Emael/Crete/Red Devils) Yes No
78 Patton's 3rd Army Yes No
79 Berlin '85 Yes No
80 Wilson's Creek Yes No Duplicate mag, scruffy
81 Tito Yes Yes
82 Fifth Corps Yes Yes Duplicate, one punched
83 The Kaiser's Battle Yes No
84 Operation Grenade Yes Yes
85 Fighting Sail Yes Yes
86 Cedar Mountain Yes No
87 The Desert Fox Yes Yes
88 BAOR Yes No
89 Sicily: The Race for Messina Yes No
93 American Civil War No N/A
99 Thunder at Luetzen No N/A
100 Superpowers at War Yes Yes
102 Monty's D-Day Yes Yes
109 Target: Libya Yes Yes
114 The Battle of Eckmühl Yes Yes
117 North German Plain Yes No
119 Horse Soldiers (Tupelo/Brices Crossroads) Yes Yes
121 Indian Mutiny Yes Yes
124 Fortress Stalingrad Yes No
128 Africa Orientale Yes Yes
129 Harvest of Death (Gettysburg) Yes Yes
130 Tsushima Yes Yes
131 Donau Front Yes Yes
132 Iron Cross Yes Yes
133 Baton Rouge Yes Yes Dup
134 Anzio Beachhead Yes Yes
135 Sideshow Yes Yes
136 Borodino: Doomed Victory Yes Yes
137 Men-at-Arms Yes Yes
138 Napoleon at Eylau Yes Yes
139 Arabian Nightmare: The Kuwait War Yes Yes Duplicate mag
140 Objective: Tunis Yes Yes
141 Hannibal: The Second Punic War Yes Yes
142 Red Beach One Yes Yes
143 Rio Grande Yes Yes
144 Chad: the Toyota Wars Yes Yes
146 Sicily Yes Yes Duplicate
148 Cropredy Bridge Yes Yes
150 Salerno Yes Yes
152 Case Green Yes Yes
154 Russo-Turkish War Yes Yes
155 Anzio Yes Yes Duplicate
158 Red Sun/Red Star (Khalkin-Gol) Yes Yes
159 Zeppelin Yes Yes
162 Clontarf/Saipan Yes Yes
172 Molotov's War Yes Yes

Wargamer Magazine Goto the top of the page
Issue Game Game included Unpunched Notes Cover
18 Birth of a Nation Yes No
19 Sturm Nach Osten Yes Yes
22 No Trumpets, no Drums Yes Yes
23 Decision at Kasserine Yes No
24 Lawrence of Arabia Yes No
25 Never call Retreat Yes No
26 Race to the Meuse Yes Yes
27 Peter the Great Yes Yes
28 Port Stanley Yes Yes
29 Lodz: Blitzkrieg in the East Yes Yes
30 Stars & Bars/Lesnaja Yes Yes
31 Clash of Steel Yes Yes
32 Napoleon at Lutzen Yes Yes
33 Holy Roman Empire Yes Yes
34 Khyber Rifles Yes Yes
35 West Wall Yes Yes
36 Unconditional Surrender Yes Yes
37 China Incident Yes Yes
38 Hell Hath no Fury Yes Yes
39 Hellfire Pass Yes Yes
41 O'Connor's Offensive Yes Yes
42 End of the Iron Dream Yes No
43 Wellington v. Massina Yes Yes
44 MacArthur: Road to Battaan Yes Yes
46 Rise of the House of Sa'ud Yes Yes
47 Struggle for Stalingrad Yes Yes
48 Red Baron Yes Yes
52 Glory Road Yes Yes
53 Dynamo: Dunkirk 1940 Yes Yes
54 Condottieri Yes Yes
58 Clash of Empires: 1914 Yes Yes
60 Anvil-Dragoon Yes Yes

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