Slug Balancer's 15mm Commissions page

Painting & basing projects I've undertaken for others

War of the Roses Army

Based for Impetus

Generic Camp

Swiss Pike Army

Painted & based for Impetus

Mounted command

Foot command

Light Guns

Skirmish Handgunners

Skirmish Crossbowmen


Mounted Crossbowmen


Pikemen, Full Strength

Pikemen, Half Strength

Swiss Camp

Generic Camp

The Ensemble

Removable stakes

Painted & based for Impetus

11th Century Armies, Saxon, Vikings & Norman

Unbased & rebased for Impetus

Saxon Camp

Classical Indian Army

Unbased, rebased plus a small number of figues painted for Impetus

Camp unit

Light Cavalry (originally Egyptians)

Classical Greek Army

Unbased & rebased for Impetus

Greek Camp

Early Germans, Gauls & Picts

Unbased & rebased plus additional camp & command units painted & based for Impetus

Camp unit

Command Units - Celtic, German & Pictish.

Late Republican Romans

Marching Camp

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