Slug Balancer's 15mm QRF/Freikorp Land Gallery Page

Code Description Paint No. Image
CM03 Ammunition cart, with horse & driver 1 Awaiting photo
CM39 Baggage Camels 3
HI73 Sikh Ghorchurra Cavalry, Sword and Shield 12
HI76 Sikh Regular Lancer Flesh 36117
Turban H60
Tunic H60
Trousers H25
Webbing White
Facings 36116/H25
Boots Black
Lances UA 097
Horses UA 085/Seraphim Sepia
Blanket 36156/H60
HI78 Sikh Akali Infantry Flesh 36117
Turban H25
Tunic H25
Shorts White
Cummerbund H25
Webbing Black
Shield Black
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