Slug Balancer's Armée del'Air Colours

Multicolour Scheme 1938-1942
On December 6, 1938, the French Air Ministry issued an official circular, (Instruction No.1422), calling for the immediate camouflage of all land-based operational aircraft. Initially, the order only specified Kaki for the upper and side surfaces, and Gris bleu clair for the undersides. The Kaki paint had in fact a more or less yellowish olive green shade. Both colours had a matt finish and were applied following a 'flowing' soft-edged demarcation line along the fuselage flanks and the wing leading edges. As this measure was deemed insufficient, it was stipulated that these two basic shades were to be further mixed using Vert Fonce, Ombre Calcinee, Terre de Sienne Naturelle, Blanc, Noir and even Rouge and Bleu in order to obtain various darker colours that should be applied in large soft-edged blotches, with no particular geometrical shape, over the upper and side surfaces of aircraft. As can be easily imagined, the resulting variations in tone and shade could only be described as almost infinite. A certain degree of standardization was attained, however, with the issue of standard colour charts by the paint producers during 1939-1940. Thus, the Gris Bleu Fonce and the Terre Foncee, used almost universally thereafter in combination with the ubiquitous Kaki, made their debut.
In late 1941, a new official note instructed that the demarcation line between the upper surfaces camouflage colours and the undersides, Gris Bleu Clair, was to be re-situated higher up than before on the fuselage sides for a better air-to-air concealment.
The aircraft already in service were progressively camouflaged by the units during 1939, while the new machines got their camouflage finishes at the factories. The painting of the latter was made following the instructions issued by the Direction Technique et Industrielle (DTI), which gave them, if not a perfect harmonization, at least a certain degree of uniformity according to series, type or factory. In general, the camouflage was applied without following a precise pattern, and although some types (MB.174 & LeO 451), received a more or less homogeneous scheme, all that can be said for sure about the application of the WWII French multicolour scheme is that it remained fairly random throughout the entire war.
Note: Due to the lack of an official standard colour chart, the colour of French paints could have different shades depending on the manufacturer or even the production batch.

French English Usage Equivalents
Blanc White Insignia 27780
Bleu Blue 25184
Bleu Blue Insignia 25102
Bleu Nuit/Noir Midnight Blue / Black Cockpit interior 35044
Brun Chocolate Chocolate Brown Overall colour for night bombers 20099
Brun Mat Matt Brown Top camouflage 20040
Chamois Primer
Chocolat Chocolate Overall color for night bombers 30045
Chocolat Chocolate Overall colour for night bomber aircraft to 1939 30099
Cockpit Camois Interrior Cream
Gris Grey Interior 36270
Gris Bleu Blue Gray ANA603 - BSC632 - 26132 - RAL7012
Gris Bleu Clair Light Blue Gray Lower surfaces ANA621 - BSC637 - 36270 - RAL7046
Gris Bleu Clair Light Blue Gray Lower surfaces 35189
Gris Bleu Foncé Dark Blue Gray Background colour for top camouflage. 35164
Gris Bleu Foncé Dark Blue Gray Background colour for top camouflage. 36118
Jaune Yellow Identification Vichy 23538
Jaune Sahara Sahara Yellow 33448
Kaki Khaki ANA 613 - 33070
Kaki Khaki Overall colour for fighter and recce aircraft to 1939 14052
Kaki Khaki Overall top colour until 1938. Later used in top camouflage. 34087
Noir Black 27041
Noir Black 37038
Ombre Calcienne Top camouflage 20111
Ombre Calcinee Burnt Ochre BSC 337 - 20062
Rouge Red Insignia 31350
Rouge Red Insignia 21105
Sable Sand Interior 33434
Sienna Natural Natural Sienna 30117
Terra de Sienne Sienna BSC 450 - 30140 - RAL 8025
Terre Foncé Dark Earth Top camouflage 30118
Vert Green Top camouflage 24223
Vert Green Top camouflage 34227
Vert Foncé Dark Green Top camouflage 34096
Vert Protectif Protective Green Overall colour for bomber aircraft to 1939 34108
Vert Protectif Protective Green Interior, Base top color for fabric-covered aircraft. 24108