Slug Balancer's IJA Paint Colours

Army Navy Representation FS 595b Description Usage
A1 34094 Dark Green Upper camouflage, together with A2
A2 34088 Olive Green Upper camouflage overall colour, or together with A1
A3 N3 34096 Medium Green
A4 25352 Light Green
A5 35414 Light Green Grey Upper & lower surfaces
A6 26132 Dark Grey Upper surfaces
A7 36293 Medium Grey Upper surfaces
A8 35177 Medium Blue Grey
A9 37722 Light Grey Upper surfaces
A10 36492 Light Blue Grey
A11 20059 Dark Brown Upper surfaces
A12 10075 Medium Brown Upper surfaces, spinners
A13 N12 20061 Red Brown
A14 20400 Light Earth Upper surfaces
A15 20260 Ivory Yellow Upper surfaces
A16 N13 13655 Medium Yellow
A17 N14 23538 Deep Yellow
A18 N16 15193 Translucent Blue
A19 N18 31400 Red Orange
A20 21136 Deep Red
A21 N20 31350 Medium Red
A22 15050 Dark Blue Upper surfaces
A23 N21 35056 Medium Blue
A24 N22 37031 Black
33538 Trainer Orange Yellow Akatombo-trainer orange
37778 White
Army Silver
34172 Light Green Used togehter with A1 and A2 in three-tone schemes
36357 Light Green-Grey Factory undersurface finish of Ki-43 Mod. III onwards
30118 Dark Brown-Green One of factory Top surface finishes of Ki-43 Mod. III onwards