Slug Balancer's RAAF Paint Colours

Designation Name Representation FS BS 381c Comments
K3/169 Bright Red 31140 538 Insignia & Markings.
K3/177 Foliage Green 34092 RAAF Aircraft Topsides (e.g. Boomerang)./1944 RAAF Aircraft overall (e.g. Mosquito, C-47, etc.). 1940
K3/178 Earth Brown 30099 RAAF Aircraft Topsides (e.g. Boomerang). 1940
K3/179 Night Black 37038 642 RAAF Night-Camouflage overall. Lower Surfaces of night aircraft. 1944
K3/183 Medium Sea Grey 36270 637 RAAF Aircraft undersides (e.g. Boomerang). 1943
K3/185 Yellow 33538 368 Insignia & Markings./1944 RAAF Trainer overall (e.g. Cadet, Wackett, etc.).
K3/187 Extra Dark Sea Grey 36118 640 Maritime upper surfaces, Temperate sea scheme (FAA). After 1939
K3/188 Dark Sea Grey 36173 638 Overside, lower wings, "shadow shading", FAA aircraft, fighter/strike upper surfaces. After 1939
K3/189 Dark Slate Grey 34096 634 Maritime upper surfaces, Temperate Sea Scheme (FAA)1939-1945
K3/190 Light Slate Grey 34159 639 Maritime upper surfaces, overside, lower wings, "shadow shading' FAA aircraft. 1939-45
K3/195 Sky Blue 35622 RAAF Aircraft undersides (e.g. Boomerang). 1940
K3/197 Dull Blue 35048 105 Insignia & Markings
K3/209 Dark Earth 30118 450 Upper surfaces, Standard RAF camouflage until 1941 and Mediterranean camouflage. 1937-1960's
K3/216 Dark Green 34079 241 RAAF Aircraft Topsides (e.g. Boomerang). 1943
K3/223 Light Earth 30257 Overside lower wings on biplanes "shadow shading" sceme RAF. 1939-1941
K3/225 Light Green 34172 Overside lower wings on biplanes "shadow shading" sceme RAF. 1939-1941
K3/315 Dark Ocean Blue 35044
K3/316 Azure Blue 35231 104 Desert under surfaces1940-1960's
K5 Light Green 25159 Topside camouflage
Black Green 1944 RAAF Aircraft overall (DAP Produced aircraft)
Bright Blue 35056 Insignia
Identification White 37875 insignia
Light Grey/(Sky Grey)
Olive Green
Royal Blue 35044 106