Slug Balancer's Italian Tavola 10 Colours

The reform of 1941

During the summer of 1941 the DGCA (Direzione Generale dell'Aviazione Civile or Direzione Generale delle Custuizioni Aeronautica) adopted new rules concerning the painting of aircraft, including a table with samples of the paints, Table 10 (which, although announced in October 1941, would only actually be distributed only in the spring of 1942) and standardised usage.
This not only reduced the number of colours but also the schemes available, For all schemes, the lower surfaces were always shaded light blue gray.
This will be the last provision adopted on the camouflage of the aircraft, with the exception of the circular of June 1942 which reversed the colours of aircraft operating in Africa, as the previous scheme (green with brown spots) turned out to be too dark for that theatre of operations.
There were significant differences between companies as they used different camouflage patterns, still using the same paint. Differences could occur between successive series of the same type of airplane, even if produced by the same company. Tavola 10 provides 12, which only the first 4 are for camouflage purposes. See the table below for usage.

No. Colour Representation Usage
1 Grigio Azzurro Chiaro
Light Gray Blue
Ventral surfaces military aircraft use & Internal
2 Verde Oliva Scuro
Dark Olive Green
Dorsal and lateral surfaces on military aircraft.
3 Grigio Azzurro Scuro
Dark Gray Blue
Dorsal and lateral surfaces seaplanes and airplanes used at night.
4 Nocciola Chiaro
Light Hazelnut
Clear spots on olive green, for aircraft used in the colonies.
5 Bianco Avorio
Ivory White
Full colour for training aircraft.
6 Bianco Neve
Snow White
Full colour aircraft health - insignia / badge & oxygen tubing.
7 Giallo Cromo
Chrome Yellow
Engine cowlings, bands and various signs & fuel pipes.
8 Rosso Bandiera
Flag Red
Insignia & fire hoses.
9 Verde Bandiera
Flag Green
Coolant pipes.
10 Bruno
Oil pipelines.
11 Azzurro
Air pipes.
12 Nero
Hulls of seaplanes - propeller blades, dashboards, writing & exhaust pipes.